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Money Habits

Welcome to the Multi-FAMILY zone podcast, where business meets family. The hosts of the show, Julia and Gino Barbaro, have been married for over twenty years, and have six children.

Julia home-schools the children, and recently became a marriage and life coach to help couples become better communicators and help enrich their lives.  The couple is constantly asked about how they balance their entrepreneurial and real estate journey while raising their kids. The Multi-FAMILY zone was created to address these questions, along with a host of questions from the Jake and Gino community.

In this episode, Gino and Julia discuss their experiences on raising their family while creating Good Money Habits, Responsible Spending & How they Create a Budget. 

Topics include:


  • The pros and cons of credit
  • Creating a budget
  • The benefits of budgeting
  • Steps to starting a savings program
  • Ways to generate additional cash

As Parents we have to be the role model for our children, and have to adopt healthy money habits.


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